Work-out Inspiration: Brothers on the Run…

Didn’t do this as a kid.  Wish I could have done it as a kid.  Wouldn’t dream of doing it today.  Something peaceful and zen about flowboarding and especially breathtaking in the mountains of Chile…longer clip, pan through it…

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  1. It’s really breathtaking to watch this…and I watch with full faith and knowledge that even if I could’ve, I wouldn’t have because at core I am a wuss. And I can never fully understand or appreciate why someone would intentionally get on a well-waxed fiberglass board at the top of a snow-filled mountain and volitionally propel themselves downward. Just can’t get there – though I admire those who do (including my youngest who is an intrepid skier and snow boarder).


  2. I’m right there with you Mimi. Admire those that do it, wouldn’t have done it myself.


  3. I’m with Mimi. I’m not an adventurer. If its not a yoga mat or walking shoes, forget it!


  4. That looks amazing. I have always wanted to snowboard but never picked up the courage to do it. Awesome vid!


  5. If I were young again, I still would not try this. Love watching this clip though.



  6. Talk about having “No Fear”. Love watching guys like that…make it seems so easy & peaceful. Chile sure is amazing place.


  7. These guys are amazing and the exhilaration of being the first to “carve the snow” must be unparalleled, but there isn’t enough $$ to get me out of that helicopter and onto that mountain. Call me an “armchair admirer.”. 🙂


  8. Michael Zahaby says:

    Thanks for sharing Dave. I am going to pass this on to my son who is a dare devil surfer living in Hawaii.


  9. Alex Jones says:

    Looks fun and dangerous.


  10. Wow, I am always amazed at those who enjoy this sport…I have a hard time even watching it 🙂


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