Are You Constructive or an Irritant?

constructive_irritant_gapingvoid_cartoon_hugh mcleod

Yes!  This is so me…(Hopefully, perceived with the constructive element.) Smile

Credit: Hugh McLeod @


  1. I would be a lot of money that you have better posture – and a neck.


  2. i’m a big fan of gaping void David, and this drawing definitely appealed (i.e. applied perhaps?) to me too 😉


  3. Ah David, as you know it is those who judge that know, not those who are either a Constructive or an Irritant? 🙄

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne


  4. Hmmm let me think :p hehehe maybe not both of them 😀


  5. David, I do not recall giving you permission to use my image on your blog, but it is OK.
    (If you do not remember me, I’m the guy dressed in red)


  6. Yes!


  7. Not always easy being red in a sea of grey but someone has to speak up, right?


  8. Got to have a little of both in all of us. By the way are these guys the grown up version of the guys fom the “Mantra” post?


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