All I do…

Here’s Kirk Whalum easing us out of a long day with one of my favorites: “All I Do…

click for audio (All I Do)


  1. I so needed something to ease me out of this stinkin’ day…literally. 🙂 Nice easy smooth…just like my house smells. not….but I’ll take this and a glass of wine as the perfect antidote!


  2. Awesome painting…thanks once again David.

    Be encouraged!


  3. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Wow. Where do you find all this great music? I’m in awe! I just love this style.
    Paired with the painting – what a longing is created – a bit unsettling in a way…


  4. LaDona’s right, David–you are masterful! Just love your pairings of music and image. This poor woman’s aching soul is palpable…


  5. I was wondering how one could reconcile the pain I felt when looking at this woman’s posture with easing out of the day…would that I could have seen her shoulders relax as she heard the music..


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