Your anxiety should be somewhere between checked out and freaked out…

From Anxiety Can Bring Out the Best

“Somewhere between checked out and freaked out lies an anxiety sweet spot…in which a person is motivated to succeed yet not so anxious that performance takes a dive. This moderate amount of anxiety keeps people on their toes, enables them to juggle multiple tasks and puts them on high alert for potential problems.”


…How do you find the sweet spot between anxiety that energizes and anxiety that paralyzes?

…Anxiety is especially self-defeating when people focus on the fear itself, rather than the task at hand.

The best way to stay in the “sweet spot”…is to channel the anxiety into productive activity—like studying and acing the test. “I tell a lot of my patients that Nike really has a great slogan—Just Do It“.

Identifying and challenging self-defeating thoughts, and gradually facing the source of fears, can provide more lasting relief than antianxiety medications, psychologists say.

…”If you have to take Xanax to get on the elevator, you never learn that the elevator isn’t something to be afraid of,” says Dr. Josephson. “You have to embrace the anxiety to overcome it.”

…That is often how psychologists help performers overcome stage fright or athletes snap out of a slump. Relaxation techniques such as meditation and deep breathing can bring a toxic level of anxiety down, but harnessing it can ultimately be more effective. Rehearsing a scenario repeatedly can help manage and defuse the fear.

…”We’ll say to athletes, ‘You’re going to be anxious. Great. Channel it and use it,” Dr. Josephson says. “Being willing to feel some anxiety and not running away from it is huge.”

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  1. Ok, I know I have the anxiety part down, now I just have to see if saying “channel it and use it’ is going to help…it might actually – it forces you to honor the feeling and not stare at it for too long..Have a great day David!


  2. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    I remember someone once accusing me of inventing things to worry about.
    Thankfully – I have mellowed (sort of had it forced on me).
    Life somehow marches on with or without my worrying about it.


  3. Good. I needn’t feel anxious about feeling anxious (up to a point). I find it much better to suffer all my anxiety before a singing engagement, than arriving calm and being paralysed by fright half way through the performance.


  4. That sweet spot is tough for me to find sometimes…the razor’s edge, and especially so since I’m prone to worry. :-/


  5. I found that with each year I am here, I find that I can put things in better perspective and be a bit less anxious about Things that pop up….life is too short and with each day it gets shorter….what is that book? Don’t sweat the small stuff..good advice 🙂


  6. You got it right again, David. So many would rather anesthetize the pain and never learn how to truly become strong and powerful in their own right. Problems either make us stronger, kill us or put us in a pill-popping, drugged-out or booze-riddled haze of denial.



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