Hump Day: 4:02 am and inspired…

Kicking off Hump (Hug?) Day with Dave Matthews Band and “Everyday.” (Lori, music video is dedicated to you).  And now to feature some of the most inspiring blog posts of the week by some of my favorite bloggers:

If I had a son who was playing high school football – he’d be lucky to play for Coach Bill Moore – the Westfield, MA High School Football Coach. I was inspired by Coach Moore’s recent post Jugs: “It was 1989 when I faced a monster nicknamed Jugs. He was a colossus of a man, six feet six inches tall and 300 pounds of powerful mass and ill content. I watched the film in the week before the game. I knew what was coming. I had faced powerful men before, but nothing like this…”

Leonard Buchholz at DealerPro Training Solutions with his post Want to have a big day today? Get a checkup.Anyways, I think I have probably heard ‘do a checkup from the neck up’ at least a million times in my career. It is as pure an attitude adjustment technique today as it was when first uttered. I picture a Roman general saying to his troops just before battle “Hey, get in the war man. Do a checkup from the neck up before we rush over that moat” or something like that. That’s how old it is.” Check out his prescriptions. Leonard lands yet more ah-has with this post.

And for eye and stomach candy, check out Michael Housewright @ The Blissful Adventurer (Professional Eater & StoryTeller) for incredible photos and stories that will whisk you away to Italy and other bucket list locations. I couldn’t decide which post to point you to. Suggest you wade in and pan through…something for everyone here.

Tina Del Buono at Practical Practice Management with her post on “When Was Your Shift Moment?As they are on this journey each of them reaches a point where they arrive at their “shift moment” the moment when the lights came on and their purpose became very clear to each of them individually. They realized their new path and found the strength to pursue it…Shift moments, can happen unexpectedly or by searching and seeking. Do you remember your shift moment? I do and it was unexpected. It was when I was diagnosed with…” When you read Tina’s posts, I think solid manager and terrific human being.

I haven’t served up a “Wednesday For Women” post for several weeks. Nothing moved me until I came across the Wall Street Journal article titled “Women, Welch Clash at Forum.” I’m with the Women here…”Is Jack Welch a timeless seer or an out-of-touch warhorse? The former Master and Commander of General Electric still writes widely on business strategy….Mr. Welch told a gathering of women executives from a range of industries that, in matters of career track, it is results and performance that chart the way. Programs promoting diversity, mentorships and affinity groups may or may not be good, but they are not how women get ahead. “Over deliver,” Mr. Welch advised. “Performance is it!” Angry murmurs ran through the crowd…”We’re regaining our consciousness,” one woman executive shot back. Mr. Welch had walked into a spinning turbine fan blade.”

And a strong finish by Peter Cook @ The Rock’n’Roll Business Blog, who composed, recorded and produced the music and this Youtube Video titled Mars Warming – Ignorance is Bliss. He’ll take you away, way way away, for a few minutes…

    Have a great day…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this video. It really turned my morning around.


  2. Great, just great. It picked me up just watching…..all we need is love!


  3. Reblogged this on My Perspective and commented:
    You are a blogging ANIMAL! 4:02? I thought I was bad…


  4. when i received your page, it was totally blurred and messed up. i don’t know what happened


  5. Wow, David, I am truly honored to have this video dedicated to me! I hadn’t seen it before and I LOVE IT!! I’m a big fan of hugging–it’s one of my favorite forms of non-verbal communication. 🙂 This video touches the same nerves for me as the ‘Free Hug Campaign’ video does–there’s just such an aching vulnerability inherent in putting yourself out there, but as the video demonstrates, if you’re willing to take the risks, the rewards can be wonderful. I watched with tears rolling and felt really sorry for the big guy who shoved our protagonist away. All I could think was “Your loss, buddy. You had the chance to make a connection with someone today, however transient, and ya blew it.” THANK YOU for making *my* day with this ‘virtual connection.’


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