Drifting on a Saturday Afternoon with Anna Vandas…

Canadian (BC) musician and artist.  Love her music on slow, lazy and easy Saturday afternoons.  Here’s 2 music videos and one of her paintings.  You can find more on her facebook page or her blog.  Or her album on iTunes – All I Thought I Knew.

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  1. richardkanigan says:

    Nice, haven’t heard her before.


  2. richardkanigan says:

    Dunno. Maybe because we live on the island, there is an ocean between here and Langlet and soundwaves don’t travel well over water….or maybe I don’t get off the rock enough.
    Keep up the great posts! Have been thinking about what would be on my top 10 list all morning


  3. Wonderful music for this afternoon — I especially liked “Empty Highway.” Lovely. And her blog, too. Gentle reading.


  4. Perhaps it’s her simple, pure style in both her music and art, but she’s rather soothing and addicting…..thanks


  5. My youngest lives in Toronto and introduced me to Anna Vandas – great pic for a Saturday afternoon…I know, I know it’s Sunday morning here – but you get the point…


  6. She’s got a beautiful voice. The first video with the crowd scene, girls hugging, etc., brought to mind a song and video that I never tire of watching, the “Free Hugs Campaign” video with music by the Sick Puppies. My favorite passage is when the elderly lady lays her hand on his cheek. http://youtu.be/vr3x_RRJdd4


    • Hi Lori. I watched the Youtube video. Couldn’t take my eyes off it actually. I have to admit that I felt anxious watching it – knowing for certain that I could not be the one holding up the sign – and watching others – skeptical, cynical, a bit of disbelief. That’s what we’ve (I’ve) come to…


      • I know exactly what you mean, David. I’ve seen the video dozens of times, and yet every time I watch it, I find myself *willing* people to let go, drop their guard, just believe that the situation is what it is and *connect* with another person for a moment. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it always makes me cry…both for what we’ve lost and for that gentleman’s belief that we can still access that part of ourselves.


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