Week in Review: Down but not out…

Top of mind this week was all Eric and his pending college application decisions…applications to high quality schools where I’d be lucky to simply walk the hallowed halls and roll around on their manicured lawns.

My stubborn young man was determined to complete and submit his applications without any “management” oversight.  (He did not, however, balk at help with the application fees.)

He also did not want to call on an influential family friend for an Ivy league school reference for one of his applications.  He wasn’t confident that he would attend this school if he was accepted to his #1 choice and he didn’t want to embarrass the alum.

He was off to a quick start.  He was placed on the wait list by his #1 choice in December.  He was then called for interviews with two of his three top choices in January.  With these positive signals and his exceptionally strong grades and SAT scores, his expectations were soaring.

And then the interminable wait for two months.  Waiting.  Waiting.  And more waiting.

Yesterday the results came in.

And my Son gets an early start on life’s lessons….and my heart aches for him.

I’m off in two weeks to join him in his visits of schools that want him.

And among all of the visiting parents and students, you won’t find a Father more proud than I am to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his Son.


  1. Quote – Fay Weldon, English author, essayist and playwright.
  2. Quote Image – Unknown


  1. David, Your son sounds like an outstanding boy! I wish him luck in his decision.


  2. Congatulations to you and your son! I can hear how proud you are…


  3. David,

    Congratulations to both of you. Your son will go places in life and thanks to his fathers love and support…

    And thanks for liking my most recent post…
    Happy weekend………..



  4. Thank you Jenny


  5. The most difficult thing to help students understand is that their entry to one show may not even be accepted. Then again the same piece might win Best of Show in the next one. They have to muster the courage to get past the disapointment of the first and enter again.Your son is going to do just fine because you are helping him learn that lesson.


  6. Your words of course resonate with those of us who have already shared this journey a few times over with their kids. I don’t know that any parent can adequately articulate the pride and love that their children inspire – I do know that these moments remain part of an increasing volume of memories that deepen and strengthen that which you don’t think can get any more powerful. Congratulations to your very impressive son and his equally terrific dad. This is the beginning of a fabulous chapter in his life – and yours!


  7. Oh, I am aching for your son’s disappointment, as well! Better to learn these lessons NOW, though, right! And I have a feeling with you by his side, he will find a school that he will truly flourish in and go on to achieve more afterwards than he would have from those first choices of his own previously. Wonderful fatherly love you are showing–huzzas and hoorays!


  8. And your son will be an asset to the school wise enough to accept him. He will remember your encouragement and support far longer than any disappointment over a school application.


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