Boom, boom, boom, boom…

“You’re really just an ongoing set of events: boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, one after the other. The awareness is keeping up with those events, seeing your life unfolding as it is, not your ideas of it, not your pictures of it. See what I mean?”
– Charlotte Joko Beck



Artist: Agnes Cecile titled “caos
Image Inspired by: seattleinspired


  1. I love your format….much more room to be creative….a fun site!


  2. Love the picture!


  3. Art is a passage to the soul. Nice pic!


  4. Let us boom away, vigorously BEING who we really are, moment by moment!


    • I was beginning to worry about you…as I hadn’t heard from you in a week.  When I started to see your comments light up my email box, the earth started rotating again…


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