Statistically speaking…

Statistically, the probability of any one of us being here is so small that the mere fact of our existence should keep us all in a state of contented dazzlement.

~ Lewis Thomas (1913–1993). A physician, poet, etymologist, researcher.


Thank You Luke @ Crashingly Beautiful
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  1. Lovely photo and quote. It’s quite sad really that we live with such little appreciation of the extraordinariness of merely being alive, both our own existence and that others too – let alone the fact that we are conscious of this at all.


  2. Awesome picture and amazing quote! It is so true that we don’t appreciate that just being alive is a miracle. We take little things that are big things for granted each and every day. Thanks for this Dave!


  3. Beautiful photo and quote.


  4. Love this. I had to share it.


  5. Thanks for the reminder of how precious life is 🙂 and how amazing it is that I am who I am!


  6. Love that quote!! I feel very connected and am in awe of my own awareness!!


  7. Beautiful quote AND picture. Thanks for sharing! I’m new to your blog, enjoying it quite a lot!


  8. Oh My Goodness, this is absolutely adorable


  9. I just had to pin this too, hope you don’t mind
    peace n abundance,


  10. Lovely happy post!


  11. Thanks for “liking” my blog post.

    What an extraordinary idea to contemplate. I just love this beautiful picture.


  12. LaDona's Music Studio says:



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