Maralee’s Sunset in Bend, Oregon

sunset at bend central oregon by maralee park

Thank you for the inspiration Maralee Park @ Through My Lens

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  1. Love Maralee’s photos they look like oil painting.


  2. Gorgeous pics.

  3. Stunning.

  4. Breath taking!

  5. Beautiful!

  6. WOW!
    Words fail…

  7. Martin Robertson says:

    Now you’ve really done it! Transcendence achieved!

  8. Love these photos, thank you for sharing.

  9. Just amazing!

  10. Thank you David for sharing Maralee’s photos, God’s creation is indeed awesome as He is Awesome, I love how the light has been captured in these pictures, how beautiful are the colours of the Sunrise and Sunset, the Suns and the Moon’s glow, are we to really believe thy came from nothing? even to create colour you need something, so what does God have that we don’t, He has the Power to create from nothing, we see it all around us, how do we know ? because we don’t nor does Nature, both need something to begin with… the Seed of Life… How did He do this , He is Life and all things have their beginning and end in Him, His creation declares His glory.

    Christian Love from both of us – Ron and Anne.

  11. Sunsets produce amazing images as here seen.

  12. These are absolutely beautiful. Posting the link on OregonPhotos Twitter stream.

  13. Transcendent…..

  14. So beautiful! Wow…

  15. YES! Truly inspiring!

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