Meet me by the water…


















From the movie "Bella", here’s Rachael Yamagata singing "Meet Me By The Water."  I highly recommend the movie…

↓ click for audio (Meet me by the Water: Rachael Yamagata)

Image: henrrydelavega via crescentmoon06

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  1. Great song. I love the water!

  2. This clip is good. Her feet are always going to stay dry.

  3. Love the water it is so refreshing and has me transfixed. Love the song it has me mellow and at peace. Nice end to the day. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Somehow never heard of this movie – I just looked it up and yes, on the list to watch.
    - Michael

  5. Nice tune! I’m not familiar with the movie (or the singer actually) either, but heading over to Netflix now…. :-)

  6. Thanks for the introduction to both…I like her voice very much – at first I thought she was a little too breathy – but she changed that perception quickly..Really really lovely..

  7. What a great image.

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