The trouble is…

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  1. We procrastinators always think we have time……..tomorrow.


  2. Time is individualistic, success depends on how you synchronize personal time with Physical time


  3. “MY” trouble is….I always think I don’t have time and I tend to put too much on my plate :) and I don’t like to sleep…(what a waste of time that is :) … )


  4. So true!! People don’t realize that until their back is against the wall or unexpected life event happens to them personally. Thats when they value time!


  5. jules1026 says:

    There just might be something to what Buddha said. Having returned from Cambodia and Thailand last Friday, I know that the Buddhists there are the happiest people I have ever met in my life. It was very contagious. And then I went to SE Vietnam (no offense to anyone).


  6. Amen…espresso anyone?


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  8. How true!


  9. Now you have your own graphics? Pretty fancy my friend… :-D


  10. How we DO mislead ourselves! The only “time” we have is this split-second–oopps, gone!


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