If you can’t entertain yourself with your own thoughts, then go ahead and text, Plato…

From WSJ.com: Culture City: Theaters Still Vexed by the Text

Recent article in the Wall Street Journal on texting that was written for me.  Author outlines the top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t text in the theatre (and it’s applicable for meetings, movies, seminars, dinners, etc).  I’ve excerpted my top 5 of her 10…good article – I would encourage you to read it in its entirety…

9. You’re rotting your brain. (Multitasking is bad for you.  It reduces your ability to focus and think deeply about task at hand.  If you can’t think deeply, you can’t feel deeply, which means you’re missing out on a rich, creative interior life.)

8. It’s annoying to other people who are trying to watch the show.

7. Maybe the show isn’t boring. Maybe it’s you. (…if you can’t entertain yourself with your own thoughts, you’re in bad shape. For centuries, philosophers have grappled with the concepts of love, beauty, religion, the meaning of life…Have you exhausted all that? If so, then go ahead and text, Plato.)

4. You’re not “in the moment.” (…Set an intention for your practice of watching a show. Separate yourself from the demands of your world. Be mindful of what you are experiencing. Hug every breath, and inhale that theater air.)

1. You’re missing the obvious.  It’s just plain rude.

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