Sunday Morning: Ile de Re

An aerial view from Ré Island (France – Atlantic Coast). “Surrounded by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, yet anchored to the mainland by a bridge, the island ”Ile de Re” is a French seaside resort offering an incredibly vast array of landscapes, cultural traditions and isolated beaches. Located off La Rochelle, just southeast of Paris, the small island is blessed with a pleasantly mild micro-climate courtesy of the mitigating effect of the Gulf Stream. The island’s winds blowing from the west further help sweep the heavy clouds away, ultimately leading to lots of sunshine ideal for raising the spirit of residents and visitors who abundantly flock here every year.”  (Source: Yahoo Voices)

Good Sunday Morning

Diner En Blanc

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon.

You are in Paris.

You have no plans for the evening.

Your phone rings.

It’s an invitation to the annual Diner En Blanc.

You and “13,000 people, dressed elaborately in white, will converge at a secret location (in Paris) for the annual DINER EN BLANC.  In fifteen minutes they will position 4,000 tables, unveil miles of linens, crystal, sterling and epicurean delicacies. You’ll eat, drink and dance until midnight at which time you’ll will depart as swiftly as you arrived.   [Read more…]

The Intouchables

A jobless Senegalese man (Omar Sy) applies for a caregiver position for Philippe, a wealthy quadriplegic (Francois Cluzet). He is hired and brings Philippe a reinvigorated appreciation for living.  As improbable as the plot line may be, the movie is feel-good medicine for a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  It is light, warm-hearted and funny.  Omar Sy steals the show.  The movie was a smashing success in France.  Critics’ Reviews: Andrew O’Hehir (Salon), Roger Ebert (Sun-Times), Rex Reed (NY Observer).  DK Grade: * * * * *

The Intouchables @ Amazon.  (Note: this is a French flick with subtitles.)


This clip was something special.

+ Chamonix, France.
+ Fresh and deep powder. “Peaceful easy feeling” here.
+ Unbelievable camera work. Spectacular mountainscape and sun shots.
+ Hypnotic music and vocals.  Tune titled “Lofticries” by Montreal band Purity Ring.

Stick with this to the end. Wonderful clip for our Saturday morning work-out inspiration.


A Bird Ballet

So, you’ve seen 1 murmuration, so you’ve seen them all? Hmmmmm. No. Can’t seem to get enough. This team was shooting a commercial in Marseille France and waiting for their prop – – “when thousands and thousands of birds came and made this incredible dance in the sky.” And just look what they captured.  2.5 minutes of magnificent cinematography and music (“Hand-Made” by Alt-J).  Good Thursday morning.

A bird ballet | Short Film from Neels CASTILLON on Vimeo.

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Friday Night Serenade…

Joel Virgel, is a singer and songwriter who was born on the French Caribbean Island of Guadalupe and raised in Paris. Here’s Joel with “Kiss Me.”

↓ click for audio (Joel Virgel – “Kiss Me”)

Image Source: Thank you an-introspective-heart

The King loses (again)…

The King’s choice of a summer vacation destination is scuttled. (sigh)

The King’s super-vote is thrown out.  Three years running. (sigh)

The King’s dreams of walking the Pont Neuf will need to wait another year.  (sigh)

Long live the King.  (Long enough to get to Paris)

Pont Neuf, River Seine, Paris, France

In memory of what could have been, here’s John Altman with “Under the Bridges of Paris” from the Soundtrack Let’s Dance:

↓ click for audio (Under the Bridges of Paris)


Image: carnetimaginaire via Kiss at Pont Neuf by Quadriman on Flickr.

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Illustrations by Alexandra Huard…

Alexandra Huard is an illustrator from Lyon, France.  Check out more of her remarkable illustrations and watercolors at her blog at this link.

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Here is my secret, a very simple secret…

Nuovi santi

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery









Antoine de Saint-Exupery (June, 1900 – July, 1944) was an aristocrat French Writer, poet and pioneering aviator. Laureate of several of France’s highest literary awards and also winner of the U.S. National Book Award.

Quote Source: Maureen Dowd: The Boy Who Wanted to Fly –

Painting by Omar Galliani titled “Nuovi santi”.  Thank you Artemis Dreaming.

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The Way: You don’t choose a life Dad, you live one…

I recommend “The Way” for anyone looking for a light, funny, feel-good movie on a rainy Sunday. Basic no-surprise plot. Good casting buckled with very good soundtrack, humor, captivating vistas and mouth watering food scenes. And the lead character (Martin Sheen) is, like me, an acknowledged “Believer of Convenience” (Easter, Christmas) so the flick resonated with me.  The 2-minute trailer captures the plot nicely.

Quick recap and highlights:

[Read more…]

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