Take 5…

See more pictures of the Cygnet and his Mom and Dad on FB here.


  1. I enjoyed this endearing video, David. Great that you captured the cygnet’s tiny cheeping song.

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  2. Is that another egg Mama is covering? Lovely video and so sweet.


  3. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Thanks for all of these beautiful photos Dave. I just went back and reviewed the whole series. They warm my heart. Happy Friday/weekend!


  5. So very sweet. The inherent joy of new life. The cycle continues, which is somehow particularly comforting in these ‘through the looking glass’ times….


  6. Thank you…I’m addicted! This reminds me of when having a new baby, can’t stop looking at him or her…every little move, every sound….


  7. I’m not sure if the division of labor is equitable…mom straightens up the nest, baby practices cheeping, and dad…supervising? Seriously this is a wonderful family..


  8. Thanks for the big smile 🥰


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