Walking. ’tis the season.

955 consecutive (almost) days. Like in a row. Forecast is for rain, and more rain. I can hear it tapping on the gutters and the hood of the car. Wally is sleeping, he looks up out of the corner of his eye, no chance i’m going out in this, no chance. You’re on your own dad.

We’re now 45 days from 1,000, and duty calls. I trudge downstairs out the door, and drive to Cove Island Park.

I’m sitting in the parking lot, car is running, heater blows. Wind gusts up to 44 mph splash buckets of rain against the car, the wipers slapping from side to side struggle to chase it all off the windshield.

I need to find something, anything to record that I was here. You did it. You were here. But, it’s not letting up and there’s no chance I’m going out in this.

I cue up George Winston’s December, and like the magic of the season, it turns the soul to a softer place.

I turn the heat up to 71° F and sit and listen, to the heater blowing, the music, and the wind and rain. Krouse: “Nothing is more comforting than the sound of rain when you’re not in it.”

10 minutes pass. I’m growing restless, master craftsman that I am at this restless thing. Need to move, need to make something, anything happen. Have you ever sat on one of those park benches on these morning walks, Jim asked. I don’t remember. I don’t think so. Why, he asked. I didn’t respond but I fear that I feared if I sat down I would never get up again.

I shift the car into drive and head for the park exit.

And there, right there across the cove, was a house with two twinner evergreens, both nicely framing the front door, with a red wreath completing the setting. Yes, this will do.

I take the lens cap off, set it on the console, snap the hood on the lens, and wait, hoping for the downpour to slow just a bit. It doesn’t. Come on DK, just get out, get the shot and go home.

I get out. The wind howls, torrents of rain soaking. I keep the camera down, the lens down, protected for a moment. Come on DK, why so tentative, get your shot and get out.

I lift the camera, and focus on the trees.

It’s dark. I didn’t see them without the zoom, but there they were, with their snow white coats, their heads and long necks tucked under their wings, sheltered in the storm. There’s George and Gracie sleeping, my swans at the bottom of the frame, and they happen to be sleeping here, right at this spot, among the millions of other cozy spots, they choose to sleep right here, and now.

Miracle, all of it.

’tis the season…

Two Swans A -sleeping. Daybreak @ Cove Island Park. 39° F, feels like 31° F, with hard rain. 6:17 am. December 10, 2022. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT.


  1. Pretty special, if you ask me. xo

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  2. Thank you for rising and recording, musing and sharing…. and ah! George Winston… takes me back to my time in Suffield, CT in the mid-80s at Xmas time…..

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  3. Another morning, another great story. And… “December” is worthy of listening regardless of the time of year. That being said, Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture does go better with fireworks on the 4th of July 😉.

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  4. Angels unaware


  5. <

    div dir=”ltr”>“Miracles, all of it.”  How many are contained


  6. Ooh my, you were blessed, and blessed again…with George Winston’s sound encouraging…that house with the lit up trees, and another duo, George and Gracie…you found the best of illustrations…and they were all out there past the torrents of rain!


  7. George Winston makes everything better. And how lovely of your swans to fit into the frame? Beauty


  8. George and Gracie, two evergreens, one perfect shot – kismet…


  9. I am a huge George Winston fan and love the g2 couple.

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  10. Worth it, every time.


  11. ‘Tis the season, indeed! I wish we had some of that east coast rain right about now. Snow still up in the higher country, and we’re at 7500 ft. Went up the mesa for a Christmas tree today, remembering the Ponderosa pine seedling portion of the forest – self seeded, and not going to all grow to maturity. And so we feel no guilt at culling one.

    As for this shot, funny it was a compelling image, on scrolling my feed. Something about the composition, and never notice the swans – until I got on my laptop. Maybe their shadowy presence drew me in, can’t say for sure. 🙇🏻‍♀️


  12. Beautiful, DK.


  13. This is über-beautiful…. I‘m deeply touched by this post, and you did overcome the urge to ‚I Have To….‘ as my dad said: You don‘t have to anything except die!
    Especially glad that your 2 swans happend to be in the pic. I would never guessed that those two blobs are not snow patches but swans. I could never ‚see‘ them but I believe you.

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    • Thank you Kiki. I didn’t see them either as i sat in the car, and the magic of the cameras these days, that too is a miracle to me.

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      • Oh absolutely….. as my eyesight is so appalling, i firmly rely on the 3 eyes of my smartphone camera and often i find at home what i wanted to ‚recognise‘ and/or stuff i didn‘t even see, same as you. I fully admire the magic of today‘s electronic sophistication too.

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  14. Just think – you might have missed this.


  15. Love this…all of it!


  16. Ahh yes. It fills my heart too!


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