A humble Christmas tree in a New South Wales town has gone viral for being lauded as the worst display of festive spirit ever.

The dishevelled tree – which looks like it arrived home after a 24-hour bender, slapped on some makeup and covered itself in tinsel – was erected in the main square of Port Macquarie to cries of dismay and horror.

Port Macquarie’s council initially took it all in their stride, with mayor Peta Pinson declaring “any publicity is good publicity”. But that was before the lights had to be removed when they were deemed a safety risk due to slowly slipping from the tree.

“I have a great sense of humour, just like our wonderful community has,” Pinson said. “All you can do is laugh.”

The council has now reportedly replaced the tree with a more traditional option – a smaller, artificial tree that was decorated by council staff…

—  Caitlin Cassidy, from “Tinsel travesties: the worst Christmas tree displays across Australia.” A safety risk in Port Macquarie, an inappropriately spiky star and a literal coat rack are among the nation’s least-accomplished examples of festive spirit. (The Guardian, December 7, 2022)


  1. wow


  2. LOL! Like it!


  3. Laughing…
    “looks like it arrived home after a 24-hour bender, slapped on some makeup and covered itself in tinsel ”

    I’ve been there too


  4. This is so funny 😆 at least they’re… creative?


  5. “What–Christmas? Again? Hang on a sec.. all set!” 😂

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  6. Truly awful…..
    We attended a Christmas concert yesterday. A glorious tree stood in the beautiful church and I want to take some pics. Having bad eyesight, I approached it to go very close. Then I stopped and thought: Something is wrong, either with the tree or myself….. it look as if the tree was dead on the backside of its splendor.
    But no, it was decorated gorgeously in the front but the ornaments and the curtain of light guirlandes were not long enough to go round to the back too. That was a ‚trompe d‘oeil‘ of spectacular size and made me laugh.

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