Reuters: The heartfelt video captures the moment the mom tenderly reunites with her baby, bending down in what appears to be a hug. Fleeing the wildfires ravaging the region, the sloths arrived in Trinidad. According to reports, the mother and child were then temporarily separated after fleeing dogs. The mother and child have undergone vet check-ups and are in good health. They have been released to the Chuchini nature reserve.

Thank you Susan


  1. Awe … so lovely 🥰

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  2. How precious.

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  3. Awwwwwww

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  4. Ohmygosh, grab the tissues…..

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  5. So beautiful. The fastest I have ever seen a sloth move …

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  6. Thank you Susan, and David.

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  7. Baby!!!!!!! My spirit animal…at the least, one of my favorites…I love how they hug each other…

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  8. wow – there’s nothing like a mother’s love…

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  9. Awww gotta love a reunion 🤗

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