Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

It also reminded me of how much I tend to retreat to work when things are uncomfortable.

Why sit with pain when you can keep yourself busy with work?

—  Katie Hawkins-Gaar, from “The Distraction of Work” (My Sweet Dumb Brain, August 23, 2022) (A newsletter about facing life’s ups and downs, all while being kind to yourself. Katie Hawkins-Gaar was 31 when her husband, Jamie, collapsed while running a half-marathon and died in 2017. A year-and-a-half after Jamie’s death, Katie launched her newsletter, My Sweet Dumb Brain, all about the ups and downs of grief.)



  1. I think it’s a common go-to, easy to fall into –

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  2. busying ourselves is only a temporary distraction for the pains and losses we want to avoid experiencing in our lives, and eventually, we will still have to buckle down, and FACE everything, but it’s just that for the moment, we want that quick get-away.

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  3. If running to work to avoid dealing with pain or sorrow was considered an aerobic activity, I would be in amazing shape!

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  4. We all deal in our own ways. That one is definitely not mine! Course, if I actually liked my job, that might be another story…

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  5. I love that she started a discussion thread there.
    Thank you for sharing!


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