She’s Back…and replies…

My Dear virtual Friend David,

Thank you for this warm welcome. You took me by surprise with your She’s Back post.

Live & Learn has been home since day 1, since November 16, 2014, since Gate A-4.

I never stopped following you, Dale, Louise, or Karen, to name a few. The notification you received was me following you by email from a different email address, just putting my affairs in order.

I stayed in touch one way or another with everyone. And I am sorry if I left anyone wondering.

I am well. And as Valerie said in her comment, the past two years were full of Life and Vitality. And if that is not a blessing, I don’t know what is.

I am unsure if I am up to sharing why I left and why I chose to stop being an active participant on social media, everywhere on social media.

Days felt longer again. And there was no more scrolling.

I missed Dale in the evening. And I would pour myself a cup of tea and sit with her. I’ll read her most recent blog posts, go to her Instagram to see what she made for dinner for inspiration, and check out her Wordless Wednesday Photo. Dale, the Roses in the rain are Blog-post worthy. Dale and I texted frequently. I have to call Dale now and then, but we laugh so much that we seldom hear what the other is saying. Love you, Dale.

You are The King of the early hours of every day. My morning is planned around your Blog post and then your Day Break photos a couple of hours later—you threw me off when you posted nothing for over a week. But I reached out to our friend Dale, and she ensured you were okay.

If I were to answer your question again since the Proust Questionnaire,

Why do you keep coming back to this Blog?

I keep coming back because it is fertile ground for inspiration and because in a mad world, it is a safe place, High ground in flood.

With endless gratitude,


Guest Post by Sawsan, in response yesterday’s post titled “She’s Back“. Welcome back Sawsan. You were missed.


  1. “I keep coming back because it is fertile ground for inspiration and because in a mad world, it is a safe place, High ground in flood.” I think you speak for all of us, Sawsan! 🥰

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  2. good to see you again –

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  3. This blogging community is amazing. I’m beginning to wonder if our in-person friends care as much.

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  4. I found Sully’s Instagram account quite cute! Is it you behind it or your daughter? I didn’t look at the tag, to busy looking at the photos. He’s one photogenic dog. It’s like he models.

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  5. Just print that and use it for the cover letter for your “application to retire” resume. 😊. Gate A-4 doesn’t seem that long ago. Blogging is an escape into sanity.

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  6. Only our Sawsan could reply in such a beautiful manner.
    Hopefully this means she will not only “read from the sidelines” but will also join in on the conversation. What say you, lovely lady? Will we hear your voice again (so to speak)?

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    • This is the second time in one week I find myself clapping at my own wedding. The background story is my grandmother’s wedding day. I asked her once how each one of her 18 children got married, how each one met their significant other. After she was done telling me all 18 stories she asked if I would like to hear about how she got married. One day she was sweeping the perimeter of the house and two male guests came in to have coffee with her father. Then there was singing and dancing and she left home with one of them. That is my grandfather. She had no idea she was clapping and dancing in her own wedding.
      Earlier this week at work, and David yesterday, I’m finding my self dancing at my own party. I don’t think he left me a choice. It sounds more like, “you’re back. You can complain later.”

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  7. That is a lovely response.

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  8. “fertile ground for inspiration…” What a great way to describe my visit with you every day. These have been two wonderful posts. Thank you for sharing!

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  9. niasunset says:

    “I keep coming back because it is fertile ground for inspiration and because in a mad world, it is a safe place, High ground in flood.” This is really for all of us. Welcome back, and Thank you, Love, nia

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  10. Aaawh, I must have overflown that on my smartphone and then I had to do other stuff. So I’m definitely the latecomer to this guest post. I probably shed a few (many) tears of gratitude over your coming-back to the fold and your beautiful statement. I have and had (and probably will have) a too full time of caring for others and often I whine a bit, saying that ‘I’m not a Florence Nightingale nor Mother Theresa’ but then I carry on anyway…. So my visits are few and infrequent – which also explains why this one, so important to me, escaped me for a few days. But you’ll understand, I know.
    I also re-read your Proust Questionnaire and I thought: Gosh, just HOW MUCH the world has changed in those 3-4 years. We are no longer what and who we were in 2019. The world no longer is and it will never again be. But deep love and friendships across this blog have nevertheless bloomed and continue to grow, so that’s something to treasure and care for.
    Welcome back my dear, dear friend.

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