She’s Back!

2 years ago, she vanished as a follower of this blog, discontinued her WP blog and disappeared into the ether. Off-the-grid. No reasons given. Just vaporized.

And this wasn’t a gentle, lifting of a morning mist. Oh, no.

Think 18th century guillotines. Ward Stare describes it as the steel-on-steel scraping of the falling blade, and the thud as it hits, bouncing a little from the impact.

That was my head bouncing from the jarring impact. A follower since November 2015. She authored over 300 comments on this blog, a good number of them memorable shots across the bow, short pithy lists of errata in my posts or astonishment over my lack of basic understanding of how the world works. You can’t but get attached to all this.

A follower since November 16, 2014. 6 years she’s everywhere. Then Gone.

No “Goodbye Friends.”

No “It’s been such a great ride, I need some time off.”

Nothing. Zero. Just Gone.

So, how about sharing a few words with me for a Guest Post to explain where you’ve been?  (Or maybe an apology or two for the cold exit? And if not for me, what about all the Friends you met here and cut loose?)

And if you’d prefer to just ease back in with a few cutting comments to regain your muscle memory, and to find your groove again, that’s fine too.

Welcome back Sawsan, my dear Virtual Friend.

Bring it on. Sling the best you’ve got…



  1. Now that is a fabulous welcome back if ever I’ve seen one. Wait. What? She’s back in your world but not mine? I’m heartbroken 😉 Just kidding
    I am so very glad she is back. I have missed her terribly (in the blogosphere, I do connect on WhatsApp and IG)… her lovely comments, etc.

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  2. I, too, remember Sawsan. She often brought thoughtful comments.
    Welcome back!

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  3. Sawsan!! I have continued to follow you on the ‘gram, but am so happy to see you back here. (And with quite the hero’s welcome, I might add.) 💕💕

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  4. Welcome back, Sawsan

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  5. 🌷It’s (relatively) safe, Sawsan, say something! And indeed, welcome back!

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  6. ah, I remember her too

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  7. I wondered…where did Sawsan go? I missed you, Sawsan…hope you are full of life and vitality!

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  8. Christie says:

    My Heart Is Warmed…to learn this!!! Welcome back Sawsan 🙂 Hope all has been, well with you and your lovely, family! Peace to You…Kindly, Christie

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  9. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt who you were referring to. We exchanged a loving greeting from time to time. No more than that. Told each other that the other one was missed…. so thankful to know she’s back in the fold. But know: If ppl like Sawsan (or me tbh) disappear for a while, it’s with good reason

    It’s not to hurt you but because blogs are not the most important thing at the time. And it is very good that way too.
    Welcome back my darling. And thank you Dave for your welcome. Just cut the whingeing 😥😥 After all, you do have the most amazing groupies’ group ❤️

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  10. What a wonderful welcome! And clearly deservedly so..

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  11. 300 comments? Per month you mean, right?

    If the offer is still on the table, I have a few words for you in a Guest post.

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  12. Will always love Sawsan 💕🧡💕

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  13. So good to feel the connection again❣️
    Now we just need Borden to come to his senses …..

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  14. What is it about this WordPress family? I’ve been really, really busy over the last few years too and haven’t been here much at all…but when I think about the people here and when I describe them to others, I tell them that the people I’ve met on WordPress are some of the best in the world. So glad Sawsan came back to you. 🙂

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