Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

It’s impossible to be lonely
when you’re zesting an orange.
Scrape the soft rind once
and the whole room
fills with fruit.
Look around: you have
more than enough. Always have.
You just didn’t notice
until now.

— Amy Schmidt, Abundance (in memory of Mary Oliver) (, January 20, 2019)



  1. Lovely reminder.

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  2. Fantastic. Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can be so profound? ❤️

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  3. always have

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  4. Oh this just so ‘right’ – reading it I thought Mary Oliver… and then it was, in a way.

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  5. Absolutely. I’m there now…

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  6. …and lemons and limes as well! Maybe all the scents and colors and sensations make cooking such a timeless pleasure…take us into the present moment so sweetly.

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  7. Wonderful! And such is how Jesuits inform us that God is in all things. (*makes note to add “zester” to shopping list… and fruit!*)

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  8. Christie says:

    Every time we have an exception piece of citrus we save some of the rind to put in the freezer or to sit next to us and every now and then one of us will bend the rind releasing the essential oil of the Orange…it is refreshing & stimulating to smell the Orange/// many times a week, as the tea water warms…I open a foil pouch of Stash Tea, Lemon Ginger…I squeeze fresh cut lemon into the empty mug, grate some ginger over the mug, use my finger to separate the ginger from the grater…letting it fall into the lemon in the bottom of the mug…I place the tea bag over the side of the mug and tie the string around the handle…pour the warm to hot water into the mug, place the mug within arm reach, let it cool and then enjoy…taste so good and the smell awakes a Joy…

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