12:00 o’clock Bell! Peanut Butter? … Peanut Butter?

Sully background


  1. I’m waiting, Grandpa….

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  2. LOL So cute.

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  3. Cuteness overload!! So sweet.

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  4. that makes you part of his peanut gallery)

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  5. So darn cute!! How can you say no to that face.


  6. I’d open a couple of jars for that face!

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    LOVE THIS!! — Needed a timeline cleanser!!

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  8. That face alone justifies extra treats…

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  9. Over weekend, we re-visited friends who do a bnb not too far away from us. They have the wildest, rambo-zambo bulldog you can imagine. And guess what: His name is Rumbo! I know your little baby would never be so unpredictable and wild – and surely will never become a ‘neglected prince’ as Rumbo is. Should he feel he doesn’t get enough attention, he will stand in full view of us (who neglect him!) in a corner and stand there for 5′ and longer, his face turned towards the dishwasher or fridge – just so that we see him suffering! – and his behind in our field of vision. He’s killing me with this ‘game’ of his!

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