Sunday Morning Brunch

DK Photos in Backyard @ 11 am. 47° F, with light rain.  Darien, CT.  Other photos from this morning’s walk here.


  1. Beautiful shots! I really love the photo of the bird with food in his beak. You are so lucky this is your yard!

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  2. How nice to see these birds so close to home.

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  3. Welcome the return of the birds!!


  4. expanding your repertoire – very nice!


  5. Christie says:

    Thank you for such a lovely grouping of gorgeous bird photos… A sure sign of a beautiful Spring..the aliving of the earth warming, and the birds finding in my location, new green of trees & shrubs & flowers! We’ve been watching bees, too of course the tiny ants are gathering ///When are sweet daughter was three she was looking out a front window to the lawn and she was calling me, Mommy, Mommy look it’s our Spring Robin…(We read her a book, long before her observation…that was about a little girl and the Spring Robin…much later (years) we were in the small park behind and to the east of us…there was a flock of Robins she exclaimed look at all those Spring Robins! 🙂 //btw, two Saturday’s past we watched such an amazing aerial display of 1500 to 2000 Canada Geese, we also have another variety of a sub variety off of the Canada Geese (Dusty something?) The Geese love the space, the water:, rivers, wetlands, lakes and the farmers fields…

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  6. niasunset says:

    So beautiful, so lovely, Thank you, Love, nia

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