1. A Wednesday without “Caleb” is like. . . Tuesday.

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  2. a good measure for sure

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  3. Beach Day!

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  4. Family vacation!

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  5. Love new words… “pastoralist.” Thank you for this midweek image to get us over the hump.

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  6. The article reflects a serious matter, but its title leaves me thinking I may have my new answer to, “How’ve you been?”🙂 (Isn’t it amazing to see cultures so very different?! I never realized how crucial camels are to so many lives until Caleb’s narrator, DK, came along!)

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    Caleb and family!! … “Camels gather on the beach in the village of Xijiinle in northern Somaliland.”

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  8. This story of “If the Camel is fine, our life is fine” brings to mind a beautiful film I recommend to all, “The Weeping Camel.” Seriously, I may forget the title but it’s a film I will never forget, maybe a National Geographic film. My heart has opened more just thinking about it.

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  9. Caleb and friends…oh wait, where did I go?!!! 😉 HHD Dave! 🐫

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  10. On his day off Caleb likes to take the family to the beach.

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  11. The ocean lures everyone to its sshores–even Caleb.

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  12. Were it not for a few critically placed adults, the teenaged camels would have torn up the beach in wild abandon.

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