Crescent Moon 2

And out the windows the sky was still dimming, darkening, the vast earth turning slowly on its axis… Outside, astronomical twilight. Crescent moon hanging low over the dark water. Tide returning now with a faint repeating rush over the sand. Another place, another time.

— Sally RooneyBeautiful World, Where Are You: A Novel (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, September 7, 2021)



  1. Beautiful. All of it.

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  2. another place, another time….. transporting

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  3. Love the unfolding … and helping me be a witness 💖

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  4. Stunning picture.

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  5. This passage confused me; is it bittersweet? Amazing photography, DK.

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  6. Just about finished with Rooney’s latest – and love it. Almost as much as your picture/word combinations

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  7. You had me at hello….😉

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  8. Beautiful capture!

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  9. Your amazing photo and Sally Rooney’s worlds…”Another place, another time” takes me back to moon lite night hike at summer camp after the nightly campfire talk and sing along…and transported many years to last night, some time after midnight, standing out in the courtyard in my nightgown waiting for the pup who was in no hurry to come back in…I spent the time surveying the night sky…fantastic viewing…after summoning the dear hubby to help convince the pup to come out from under the Pampas grass nest of his…pup poked around the courtyard a few minutes longer and then in we came and we all got back to bed…and I anticipate soon another email from NASA letting me know of when the International Space Station will be flying overhead in my zip code Sometimes its just me doing the viewing and sometimes the whole family…and we always wonder if the astronauts are awake or asleep, working, eating, taking photos and making journal entries or just looking at that Glorious Large Moon and wondering if their little one back on Earth far below liked the video chat of an astronaut Dad reading “Good Night Moon” as the little one(s) drifted off to sleep…The heavenly sky above…has always been a beacon to men on Earth…Caleb’s traveling cousins in Caravans handlers & seafaring sailors have always looked to the sky to navigate and many of us have cast our Eyes and from Our Hearts, Spoke Our Prayers Upward to Heaven…

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