that which you hold holds you

She wondered how the moon, two hundred and thirty-nine thousand miles above the roof, could affect her as profoundly as it did. Being four times larger than the moon, the earth appeared to dominate. Caught in the earth’s gravitational web, the moon moved around the earth and could never get away. Yet, as any half-awake materialist well knows, that which you hold holds you. Neither could the earth escape the moon.

—  Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker: A Novel (Bantam; June 17, 2003)


DK with Crescent Moon. Waxing Crescent Phase. 7:38 pm, September 11, 2021. 71° F. (@dkct25 on Instagram)


  1. Perfection.

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  2. Wonderful…

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  3. It’s really beautiful David ☺️💫

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  4. Great shot!

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  5. that which you hold holds you. yes


  6. ‘that which you hold holds you.’ -yes

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  7. Love this! Felt it. 👏💚

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  8. Perfect, in word and image. La Luna…her allure knows no bounds.

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  9. Beautiful 💕

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  10. awesome shot

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  11. Such a symbiotic relationship among the planets…and I wonder if you read the reviews first and perhaps this is “what holds you”…the intriguing line about- deals with the problem of redheads.HA! 🙂

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