If Werner Herzog Reviewed Trader Joe’s on Yelp

I like the Internet for various things, but it’s limited. I’m not on social media, but you will find me in the social media. There’s Facebook, there’s Twitters, but it’s all not me.

Werner Herzog in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter

“Perhaps guessing that Googling his own name is not one of Werner Herzog’s preferred online activities, here is comedian Paul F. Tompkins‘ Teutonic-inflected recitation of a notorious Yelp review of Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake.”

Thank you Beth @ Alive on All Channels and Openculture.com with If Werner Herzog Reviewed Trader Joe’s on Yelp: “Madness Reigns. The First Challenge Your Soul Must Endure Is the Parking Lot”


  1. this is hilarious! my favorite line is “inside, human beings scramble like beetles whose rocks have been upended.”

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  2. that was funny; but all that was really needed was the info as to where the dark chocolate peanut butter cups are located…

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  3. What a riot! I identified intensely with his description of the parking lot experience…felt like we had to have been in the same cursed piece of asphalt….😂 And citing the location of the peanut butter cups…the perfect coup de grâce….

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  4. Lyn Derby says:

    Trader Joe’s is the best!! Lyn Derby

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