Monday Morning Wake-Up Call (Let’s Go!)



  • Rachel’s Sully visiting for the weekend.  (Thank you Eric for the video)


  1. ‘He can leap tall buildings in a single bound!’ 😂 Adorable….. Still think ya need your own fur friend, pal. ❤️

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  2. I had no idea he was a flying dog

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  3. Wow! Sully can fly? That’s amazing…
    I’m with Lori… C’mon Susan! Give it up already… let the man have his dog…

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  4. Giant leaps ans soft happy landings to you this week!

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  5. Now that is the definition of pure joy! How delightful.

    and yes…. a four-legged friend for DK is much in need!

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  6. aaaaawh – that’s my week’s fave sorted! Can I PLEASE have that one in a private mail – it’s priceless and wonderfully joyful. For a flying dog his ears are not overly large 🙂 😉

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  7. Adorable. I never have a camera at hand when my dogs do something like that!

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  8. With a name like Sully, he HAS to fly.

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  9. there’s no need to fear, SullyDog is here!

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  10. Wow! How did he learn to do that?

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    This is awesome!! Simply gotta share!!

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  12. Christie says:

    Featuring, Sully of NYC USA the Olympian, Pup! He went for the Gold…He received The Gold!!

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  13. Frenchies are proof that God loves us — and maybe also Frenchies! ❤️

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  14. They do travel in midair. You cought your fellow at the right moment.

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  15. niasunset says:

    so lovely, so lovely ! Thank you, Love, nia

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