• Photo 1: The Robin Red Breast via Discovery.
  • Image 2: Artist Constructs Cube Animals. Aditya aryanto, an artist from indonesia, has imagined a surreal series of animals that take on a quirky, cubic form.


  1. Dear Lord, that’s a little startling–looks kinda like a goldfish with feathers. :-O

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  2. Amazing.

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  3. Awwwww. That’s exactly what I said when I saw that second photo. Is it okay if I steal it for my screen saver?

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  4. LOL, the cubed sheep at the link about destroyed me!

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  5. it looks like it would be the perfect bird for the Baltimore Orioles, since it has the shape of a baseball, and it’s got some orange coloring…

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  6. So cute ^^;

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  7. that.is.amazingly.cute.


  8. Love this fat little fella!

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  9. So sweet 🧡

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  10. I’ve seen some of these fake birds made with dyed feathers glued onto Styrofoam balls – actually I have bought quite a few of them and put them on my weeping figs trees in the house. They’re so cute! If the ones in these photos are live, I’ll be surprised, but either way they are really pretty.

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  11. How sweet this little guy is!
    We don’t have Robin Red Breasts in Oz, David. He looks too fat for those little wings to take flight. But, absolutely gorgeous!

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