Monday Morning Wake-Up Call (& I-95 S)

(Snoopy going to work by Banksy) via Wait – What?)



  1. Oh dear – so, there won’t be any more of your dreamy very-early-good-morning-photosketches – but once again ‘stressed-out, sad, gastric-ulcer-induced car/train trips’….. will it be worth it?
    You would famously get along with HH; he told me full of zest over breakfast that tomorrow he will be in the office in Zurich, not at home, as they will have actual visitors there! Hurrah – and I will have the official office-for-the-two-of-us to myself 🙂
    I DO love the Banksy-Snoopy artwork – shall steel it for a suitable opportunity.
    And GOOD LUCK dear friend!

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  2. oh, no! best of luck snoopy.

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  3. And to work we go

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  4. It must feel a little good to be going back?

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  5. Damn…can you at least use some family care leave until the geese parents have their babies???

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  6. Poor Snoopy🥲

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  7. I’m with Val…feelin’ bad for the Snoop Dog, and for you, pal. I HATE to see you exchanging your morning perambulations for the gerbil wheel commute. 😦 Wish there were another way….

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:

    OH, Banski …. right on target!! … (Snoopy going to work by Banksy).

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  9. Oh! Hopefully, you have learnt how to take your mornings for yourself before you get into the grind…

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  10. Dave,
    There’s a bit of the Snoopy in us all. Should we wake to a new day, there lying between the sheets is a loafer seeking to sift out as much down time as he can.

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  11. If that were you walking, you’d be dreaming of sitting on that bench by the lake…

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  12. Oh, I know that feeling from days before I retired.

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