1. finding gold

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  2. Yay, Caleb and the sun… what more!
    HHD, Dave! 🐫☀️

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  3. Looks like the photographer has been taking lessons from DK. If there were camels and deserts near CT, I’d swear you shot this 😊

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  4. Sublime … in a DK way 😎

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  5. Yes! Very DK’ish!

    Maybe you could take a camel instead of your car for your morning walks?

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:

    PRofiles and shadows!! … Finn Beales: Exploring Morocco’s Atlantic Coast on a camel

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  7. What a gorgeous shot!


  8. Beach holiday!


  9. How did you get Caleb to come to Cove Island Park?

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  10. …looks like the beginning of a children’s story…is that a child sitting on mother’s lap on the camel?

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  11. Alan Malizia says:

    Low tide.
    – Alan
    p.s. Dave, there are a lot of references to locations in Stamford, Ct. Are you there now? It was my old stomping grounds. I went to school there and taught and coached there until I retired.

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