Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

What do you do religiously—not only often, but with great love and faith? Writing, painting, running, volunteering? Do one of those things today; do something religiously.


Maggie Smith, Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity, and Change (Atria/One Signal Publishers, October 6, 2020)


  1. I personally am done with self help books. But I love that face, that witty expression. I think she is able to laugh at herself and that always is a huge bonus (in my book at least).

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  2. Keep walking, David Kanigan! 😋

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  3. it’s walking and writing for me -part of my dna now

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  4. I wake up, I journal, exercise, then learn Chinese. I have no idea why I do two out of those three things, but I’ve never missed a day for years already. Thanks for this reminder!

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    • Love this. Thanks for sharing Stuart… Your comment reminds me of an essay in the times this weekend. Here’s an excerpt:

      “The point is to find what works for you. It just needs to be regular and help you achieve your goals, whether intellectually, emotionally, socially or professionally. The best habits not only provide structure and order but also give you a sense of pleasure, accomplishment or confidence upon completion. It could be as simple as making your bed as soon as you get up in the morning or committing to working the same hours in the same spot.

      Pandemic-proof routines might include weekly phone or video calls with friends, Taco Tuesdays with the family, hiking with your spouse on weekends, regularly filling a bird feeder, set times for prayer or meditation, front yard happy hours with the neighbors or listening to an audiobook every night before bed.

      The truth is that you cannot control what happens in life. But you can create a routine that gives your life a predictable rhythm and secure mooring. This frees your brain to develop perspective so you’re better able to take life’s surprises in stride. You might even be OK with salmon instead of turkey for Thanksgiving — as long as there’s still pie for dessert.”

      — Kate Murphy, The New York Times, November 28, 2020

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  5. everyday

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  6. Photography and dog walking…and my pranayama practice…sending you all good things David 💫☺️ smiles hedy

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  7. Michael Zahaby says:

    Good counsel. That was my late wife’s moto. Keep on, keeping on.

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  8. I walk and do yoga everyday but my inspiration and wisdom for my writing is always received in stillness. 🙏🏻💚

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  9. The comfort and inspiration of doing something religiously every day, or at least to a committed schedule, brings my heart ease and fills my entire being with joy. Hence, why I paint and write every day – and I feed the birdfeeder too!

    Weird though… I still resist emptying the dishwasher. 🙂

    Your morning walks and photography (as well as this site and your wonderful quotes) also bring great joy David. So thank you!

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  10. Really needed this!

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  11. I love your posts simple ,concise ,and clear .Doing something religiously is powerful .It has brought wonderful changes in my life.Doing my morning routine religiously helps me set up the tune for my whole day .Thank you for sharing Kate Murphy’s essay “The truth is that you cannot control what happens in life. But you can create a routine that gives your life a predictable rhythm and secure mooring”

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