Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

And if consciousness is being gradually perfected, then the area of choice is being gradually enlarged, isn’t it? That’s why, if I believe in order, I have to believe in search too… The alternative’s petrifaction, isn’t it? Everything would just stop. So we have to risk disorder to keep the order of the universe expanding and consciousness growing. Doesn’t it thrill you to think that, an inch at a time, we may be creeping toward wider and wider consciousness, until eventually man may just sort of emerge out of the tunnel and be in the full open?

Wallace Stegner, All the Little Live Things 


  1. I love Wallace Stegner, a bit like my dad.

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  2. A favorite author – and a timely hopeful thought to begin the day…to think that this chaos is a cumulative effort to emerge a something better.

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  3. boy are we inching…….. I love this

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  4. WMS. Love Stegner and need desperately to believe that all the upheaval is leading us to a better place.

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  5. Labor pains!

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  6. I’m very hopeful that your country is slowly inching forward to a better understanding, a better world, a wider consciousness, towards the light at the end of the tunnel… (and God forbid, NOT an oncoming train!).

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  7. “to risk disorder to keep the order of the universe expanding and consciousness growing” seems like too much to ask of us at times. Yet, thinking of disorder as an opportunity to hone our discernment through exercising choice offers us positive purpose. Or, when life turns our lives upside down, time to search for the best choices… Stegner, what a guy!

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