Sunday Morning

I asked him what he thought it meant for our lives, for how we spend them, for what they mean. He said our lives mean nothing except as a cycle of regeneration, that we are incomprehensibly brief sparks, just as the animals are, that we are no more important than they are, no more worthy of life than any living creature. That in our self-importance, in our search for meaning, we have forgotten how to share the planet that gave us life. Tonight I write him a letter telling him I think he was right. But that also I think there is meaning, and it lives in nurturing, in making life sweeter for ourselves, and for those around us.

— Charlotte McConaghyMigrations: A Novel (Flatiron Books, August 4, 2020)

Photo: Sparks by Christine Lynch


  1. ‘Be the one who nurtures and builds.’ So true.

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  2. a beautiful perspective and I so agree

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  3. I think it’s our inflated sense of self-worth that has gotten us into the mess we’re in with respect to our planet. It’s more than time to eat a little humble pie.

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  4. Making life sweeter for ourselves and the planet. Love this. 💕

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