• Photo: Wild Camels by Julia Wimmerlin
  • Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts and Geico’s original commercial: Let’s Hit it Again. Caleb is grounded in Work For Home and can’t come out to play this week.


  1. hunker down!

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  2. it’s a photo session day, humpy sweeties will now pose for your collection.

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  3. It’s Wednesday? Thank God for Caleb…just sayin’…😳

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  4. What a dignified stance – tho’ I feel like I’m being looked at with an air of condescension…😉

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  5. Thanks for the smile. This one is such a poseur!

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  6. “Talking to me?!”
    Yes, Caleb and this is a big kiss coming your way! 😘
    HHD, Dave!

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  7. Valerie Meluskey says:

    How sweet! so friendly, so accessible! I thought of “poseur” also, but I like his acknowledgement! It’s the little things in life…

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  8. A noble beast indeed. A great picture.


  9. What a fabulous shot this one is, David.
    I love the little one in the background. Something quite gorgeous about camels!

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  10. Turn around, Caleb. She’s behind you.

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  11. Alan Malizia says:

    Did you ever have the feeling that someone is watching you?

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