• Photo: Dave Bartruff, Resting Camels Gaze Across the Desert Sands of Giza, Cairo, Egypt
  • Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts and Geico’s original commercial: Let’s Hit it Again. Caleb is grounded in Work For Home and can’t come out to play this week.


  1. With this view it’s good to rest one’s eyes…. stellar capture. Reminds me that it’s my turn to clean the communal laundry and drying rooms this week! All the dust 😎

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  2. “Wear yer fanciest rig” day? Camel Holy Day? Really! Just tell us, man! LOL!

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  3. socially-distant outdoor meeting day

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  4. Project Runway in the desert

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  5. Quite the spectacle 💛

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  6. It’s “Dress your camel in a colorful caftan!” day…. 🙂

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    Never fails … my Wednesday morning smile: Caleb!! … Photo: Dave Bartruff, Resting Camels Gaze Across the Desert Sands of Giza, Cairo, Egypt.


  8. You know, I have a huge file of doors. At least five times a week I post a new door on my Facebook page. I look at your camels and think your file must be comparable! Thank you, this one is beautiful — colors.

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  9. “Where’s the beach?” Caleb asked, sniffing hopefully for a whiff of sea brined air.

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  10. All dressed up for his pilgrimage to the pyramids.

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  11. Coffee break!

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  12. Hey, where did it go? Happy post Hump Day!😉

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