Tuesday, January 5, 1999

We’ve all heard of that future, and it sounds pretty lonely. In the next century, the line of thinking goes, everyone will work at home, shop at home, watch movies at home and communicate with all their friends through videophones and e- mail. It’s as if science and culture have progressed for one purpose only: to keep us from ever having to get out of our pajamas.

— Mick LaSalle, Chronicle Staff Writer in the San Francisco Chronicle, published Tuesday, January 5, 1999



  1. Scary thought.

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  2. Could he have ever believed a pandemic would make this happen sooner, rather than later?
    I find this so sad. Even the ever-self-proclaimed introverts (coz they’ve all come out of the woodwork during this time) feel the need to now and again go out there and “people”.

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  3. It worked. Especially the pyjama part!

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  4. More prescient than he likely realized at the time….

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  5. HH can’t wait to see his sand pit friends again.I think he’s getting tired of spending the days in my company…. Although he is a loner in his heart. But we can go out and do shopping, now certain visits are ok, we can get to restaurants, on the lake, etc. So, we are truly blessed and fortunate.

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  6. It flies in the face of our needs as a species…we need to need each other, see each other, touch each other…and it makes me so sad

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  7. I like having the option to do things from home as needed or wanted, but not living this as a way of life. that would be a very bleak future in my eyes.

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  8. So depressing.

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  9. My, wasn’t that a bit prophetic? And they probably laughed at him.

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  10. He was predicting social distancing…

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  11. Definitely prescient!

    We are relational beings. We need eachother! That future is not very enticing!

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  12. Lonely

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  13. Let’s prove him wrong and stay in our……sweatpants! *sigh* Nope, no difference, David. Cher xo



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