Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

your fellow sun-worshippers
the world. Watch as they kneel to the sun.

~ Frank Bidart, from “The Fifth Hour of the Night” in Paris Review (Issue 229, Summer 2019)

Photo: PDX Daybreak by Jake Egbert (Mt. Hood, Portland, OR)


  1. Tempi passati…. so beautifully expressed. And yes, the sun is still shining for us, the good and the bad. It gives us an enormous lift to get up to sunshine and polished sky.
    Be strong, but careful. Be well and stay healthy.

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  2. the sun and the moon continue to show up. and today, the snow came by for a visit

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  3. Today’s agenda: Slow, deep breaths, in and out. Notice the beauty around me. Count my blessings. Remain calm.

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  4. It is dark here still. Frosty. Beau and I went outside and stood in the crisp air of the pre-dawn. He padded around on the grass. I stood in the darkness and listened to the river. I could hear some small creature rustling in the dried leaves covering the earth along the riverbank. I breathed in, breathed out and said a prayer of gratitude for the quiet, this day, this moment, this world. Whatever is happening in it, it is our world, the world we share and I am grateful to be part of it all.

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  5. sending hugs 🙋‍♀️🤗💫

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The SUN … the brightest, the source of life!! … “Watch as they kneel to the sun.” Frank Bidart, from “The Fifth Hour of the Night” in Paris Review (Issue 229, Summer 2019)

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  7. I am ready for my Midwestern sun to come and stay a while, warming up the world around me…

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  8. Christie says:

    thanks for the memories…I saw that glorious Mt Hood my entire childhood…really helps to shape a person when you have that beauty in your life…sure makes me homesick to see the shinning glory…on a vacation years ago we went back home and visited the mountain our pup loved playing in the snow in the summer…hope to see that Mountain Hood and my some of my family, again 🙂 (many have passed away)

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