Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Outside I could hear a spring robin, a melancholy sound more searching than song to me.

~ Jessica Francis Kane, Rules for Visiting 

Photo: Robin singing


  1. so pretty,

    ‘a melancholy song’ – perfect

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  2. Happy Monday, pal! Hope your week is a good one…

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  3. Hija Dave; we are at our new abode and the awakening has so far been that: Singing of birds in the shrubs and trees….. not melancholic though, JOYFUL, greeting the springtime weather, be it justified or not – wonderful….. and quiet nights, no more nightmares, just nearly unsurmountable amounts of boxes, cases, stuff….. but hey, by the end of March most of them should be emptied (but where to?!) 😉

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  4. I didn’t recognize this bird as a robin, but after searching a few bird ID sites I found out that it’s a European robin. We’re used to seeing the American robin around here. Pretty bird.
    And a very good morning to you. The Am. robins have arrived here, singing about spring.


  5. Just lovely

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  6. I love the tiny puffs of breath from that little yellow bird. It’s like we can see the notes of its song.

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  7. spring training and birds singing – life is good!

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