Saturday Morning: O snail / but slowly, slowly




  • Photos of Mt Fuji by Eric Kanigan (Son) in Fujiyoshida, Japan yesterday. Eric’s sites can be found on Instagram and on the web @  (And I wish I were running right there this morning.)
  • Saturday Morning Post inspired by Eric’s Photos and Japanese Poet and Buddhist Priest Kobayashi Issa who penned: “Climb Mount Fuji / O snail / but slowly, slowly


  1. Your son is a talented photographer. You must be proud.

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  2. His Instagram is photography account not to be missed.

    Breathtaking mount Fuji images…

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  3. beautiful.

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  4. Beautiful, I’ve just showed it to Mr Run !!

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Wow!! .. Amazing photos! … ‘Saturday Morning Post inspired by Eric’s Photos and Japanese Poet and Buddhist Priest Kobayashi Issa who penned: “Climb Mount Fuji / O snail / but slowly, slowly” … ‘

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  6. so beautiful dear David, his photography great. Thank you, Love, nia

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  7. Wonderful works … I have a friend who does “runography” 📷🏃

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  8. Vera Kanigan says:

    Really great photography, Eric! Captures the beauty! Happy 2020 New Year!

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  9. Ohmygosh, David. Eric’s photos are stunning. I agree with Sawsan, there is a piece of his soul in his photos.
    Your whole family must be so proud of him.
    Thank you for showing him off 😉

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  10. The artistic gene clearly runs in the Kanigan family tree. Stunning, pal. I looked at Mt, Fuji and then gave a long, slow exhale. Thank you, Eric….☺️

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  11. Valerie Meluskey says:

    Thank you for sharing Eric’s beautiful photos. Did anyone else look at the alpacas and think of Caleb? …gave me that inner giggle that Wednesday’s photos bring. Does Eric have a studio? (where people can see and buy these works of art)?

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  12. Wow! Beautiful photos! The timing of the last one is perfect,

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  13. Lovely photos

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  14. oh gosh, Eric HAS IT – he has seeing eyes, an open heart, sensibility and humility…. or else he couldn’t see the sheer beauty and majesty with such a look!
    And blimey, he’s a runner too – so, you have passed on a few things to your offsprings – does he love puppies too? 😉 (come on, you need all the cheering up I can give you!)

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  15. I love Eric’s photography…Japan is special to me as my parents lived in Japan decades before I was born…my mom, who loved Japan had lots of fabulous items she purchased when they lived there…we always that Mt. Fuji piece of art and some silver engraved napkin rings with special landscapes of Japan including Mt. Fuji…Our daughter was in the International Baccalaureate program and her four years of language was Japanese, when she was younger she went to a French Immersion elementary school…

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