Sunday Morning

The longer my father lived in this world the more he knew there was another to come. It was not that he thought this world beyond saving, although in darkness I suppose there was some of that, but rather that he imagined there must be a finer one where God corrected His mistakes and men and women lived in the second draft of Creation and did not know despair. My father bore a burden of impossible ambition. He wanted all things to be better than they were, beginning with himself and ending with this world. Maybe this was because he was a poet. Maybe all poets are doomed to disappointment. Maybe it comes from too much dazzlement. I don’t know yet. I don’t know if time tarnishes or polishes a human soul or if it’s true that it’s better to look down than up.

~ Niall Williams, History of the Rain.


  • Photo by Indonesian Photographer Sukron Ma’mun.
  • Another inspiring quote from same book: “The River Shannon passes below our house on its journey to the sea. Come here, Ruthie, feel the pulse of the water, my father said, kneeling on the bank and dipping his hand, palm to current, then reaching up to take my hand in his. He put your arm into the cold river and at once it was pulled seaward like an oar. I was seven years old. I had a blue dress for summertime. Here, Ruthie, feel.”


  1. how beautiful

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  2. Wow…
    Time has the power to polish or tarnish our souls. But it’s up to us. It’s how we hold ourselves against it.

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  3. Tears in my eyes for the utter beauty of this. Thanks for sharing.

    (That’s what I wanted to send before going away this morning, but you took off the page and therefore I had to wait until now that I’m back)

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  4. David: Today’s entry, So beautiful, and i believe because i’m busy ‘aging consciously’ it is particularly poignant. Wanted to also Say Hello as it’s been a long gap since i Commented. I so appreciate your dedication to your path and blog community. Writing still happening here in New Mexico, as Life goes meaningfully on…Wayfarer doug

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  5. You share the most amazing, inspiring passages. Thank you, David!

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  6. Amazing.
    Thank you, David.

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  7. Beautiful words about time… indeed

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