Mostly, on point…

Here is how I spend my days now.

I live in a beautiful place.

I sleep in a beautiful bed.

I eat beautiful food.

I go for walks through beautiful places.

I care for people deeply…

I cry easily, from pain and pleasure, and I don’t apologize for that.

In the mornings I step outside and I’m thankful for another day.

It took me many years to arrive at such a life.

~ Ottessa Moshfegh, Eileen: A Novel



  1. That pretty well sums it up! Have a great week. xo

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  2. Thankfully yes, I am largely here as well… (and practically crying with relief at the moment that Dorian decided *not* to pay us a visit…) Enjoy your holiday, pal!

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    • Yes, a little scare and off he goes…Great for you!

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    • Are you living in Florida Lori? Wasn’t sure but have thought of you. And I had friends living in South Carolina, a state I very much loved when I visited as a young woman.

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      • Hi Kiki, You’re so kind! Yes, we’re on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Just moved down here from New Hampshire about a year ago, so this is our first go-round with hurricanes. Nervous-making to be sure, but it looks like our side of the state will be spared this time. I, too, have friends in the Carolinas,so I am anxiously tracking Dorian’s movements…

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        • You know, for the most part of my life I was wishing (with no succes) to live ‘les pieds dans l’eau’ which is a lovely expression to say living as close as possible to the water (feet in the water). Those flats were /are the most exclusive and most expensive to ‘grab’ and we never ever had the money for anything so close by. Now, for the past 3 years, I find myself saying over and over, that those feet in the water are very fast loosing all interest in my life!
          5yrs after we left UK, a huge landslide in our ‘home town’ Torquay (Devon, SW of England) made us realise how close to perdition we lived…..

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  3. Grateful every day for every day.

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  4. a beautiful life

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  5. So much to be grateful for. Thanks for the reminder today David 💛

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  6. :: Peace in those words ::
    – MJ

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  7. May it all pass offshore and never make landfall.

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  8. That last sentence…. you can only arrive ‘there’ when you’ve already lived a good part of your life. Life is a pretty good school for ‘arriving’ with love, care, thankfulness at the end of every day.


  9. Love and appreciate what you have…
    Have a great Labour Day, David.

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  10. Ottessa Moshfegh, has had some interesting and diverse experiences in her young life…her words are beautiful and within her voice is a maturity and reflection that is beyond her physical age…

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