Sunday Morning

I, said a prayer for the deer, as we always do when dispensing with wildlife, like the pileated woodpecker that flew straight into one of the windows on the side of the house and then collapsed dead on the windshield of our car. My God, was that upsetting…

Laurel, for all of her sometimes hard-boiled feelings about the foibles of human beings, had boundless feelings of responsibility for animals, the more innocent, the more boundless the feeling. She regularly escorted bugs out of the house, even the ladybugs that had a tendency to blight the place in fall and spring. She resisted even my vacuuming and releasing when there were dozens of them. Spiders were escorted out. And she had a very practical method for removing bees and wasps that involved an overturned glass and an index card.

Rick MoodyThe Long Accomplishment: A Memoir of Hope and Struggle in Matrimony (August 6, 2019)

Photo of the artist Laurel Nakadate by Sabine Mirlesse via


  1. brimming with compassion

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  2. Great post 🙂

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  3. That‘s me to a T….. including the removal of spiders, wasps, and the occasional grasshopper (they tend to take longer….).
    Beautiful, merci.

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  4. My French Canadian grandmother used to pick hornets off window screens and put them back outside; my co-saving fate was sealed (though not with stinging bugs!). Did you ever read of why Walt Disney came to animate animals?

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  5. I think even non-believers do that.

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  6. Another good post

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  7. all life is precious

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