• Photograph by Mei Xu (via Aberrant Beauty).  Photo taken in Kumtag Desert, China. Kumtag Desert is the 6th largest desert in China.
  • Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts and Geico’s original commercial: Let’s Hit it Again


  1. I never knew I liked camels so much, not until Guess.What.Day.It.Is? 😉

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  2. A great photo of a train of Bactrian camels. Thanks!

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  3. don’t miss your train day

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘ … and where are te headed, CALEB and friends” … Photo taken in Kumtag Desert, China. Kumtag Desert is the 6th largest desert in China.’


  5. Too bad you couldn’t a picture of Caleb enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich …

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  6. Midnight at the Oasis?

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  7. What a gorgeous photograph! Did know that China was also so blessed with these elegant creatures.

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  8. Intriguing. i was motivated to look up the desert. Wish I had gone on this trip with Caleb.

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  9. So by the photo it was either camel day or train day but I don’t know, here it is Thursday

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  10. the stunning shot taken at just the perfect moment…a tranquil moment along an illuminated golden path- thanks for showing us a different perspective of a sunset, its outreaching sliver of fingers laid out beyond – wondering what the destination of this caravan is?

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  11. Follow the yellow brick road…..

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    • I thought that too, though it is shifting sand…btw did you hear that some in the US want to sell of Montana to Canada that way the National debt could be paid off…I love Montana I know it is staying a part of the USA!!! Oh, not sure I understood a post from another – are you moving? If so hope you find a perfect new place!

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