I like how I am

Billy Bob Thornton also spoke about his marriage to Angelina Jolie.  As for why they split, Thornton said, “We just had different lifestyles. Hers is a global lifestyle and mine is an agoraphobic lifestyle,” he said with a laugh. “So that’s really, that’s the only reason we’re probably not still together, maybe. There was a different path in life we wanted to take.”

“I never felt good enough for her,” he shared, adding that despite his many years in Hollywood, he’s “real uncomfortable around rich and important people.”

And he wasn’t looking to change his ways.

“I like how I am,” he said.

~ Mike Miller, Billy Bob Thornton Says There Is Only One Reason He Is Not Still Married to Angelina Jolie (People, June 13, 2018)

Portrait of Billy Bob Thornton: Alan Amato



  1. Maybe Hollywood isn’t then really the place to be for him… ? 😉
    I do like what he says he is!

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  2. we all should like who we are, and that’s a good thing –

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  3. Never liked him – but now I understand the man a bit better. And I like him a bit. 🙂

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  4. Relax... says:

    Now, THERE’s a face-and-a-half! He’s a terrific actor.

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  5. I like that he likes how he is. A man comfortable in his own skin.

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  6. Best photo I’ve ever seen of him–what a face! [I refuse to say any of the negative thoughts from past info zooming around in my mind] He has been working on liking himself–a worthy ideal.

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  7. “I like how I am” is a good way to be.

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  8. Tell it like it is. I like his acting so much.

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  9. There has always been something about him that I like. And it is so important to like who you are…

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  10. Christie says:

    We are all works in progress, we all have a story and how invasive it is to be a person being taken out of context, scrutinized, fodder, a commodity, for some an oddity, for some an object of obsession…in the public view , a public who assume, sometimes thirst to invade another’s privacy…I think in reality he is more intelligent than many give him credit for…we all make errors and hopefully not repeat them, but learn from them…each day is a new opportunity to grow, to love, to give, to be joyful and I hope he has many more days to walk along a path that brings him a secure peace and joy…

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  11. Christie says:

    adding this: and each day we can also release our bondage of hurt and or errors and forgive others and forgive ourselves…

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  12. Christie says:

    Just, can’t imagine the added pressure in life, of being in the public eye…

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  13. No wonder I like Billy Bob!! Thanks for this David.

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  14. Very interesting. It’s easier to divorce someone and dislike them than it is to divorce them and still have a lot of love/like/and respect for them. Like Warren buffett and his first wife.

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  15. This morning, my fifth time reading this as I first read after a lengthy post on Bourdain (just as meaningful) I’m tasked with speaking at our Rotary Club next month, a tough audience for introverted girl not so affluent, on Suicide. I keep thinking we need an empirical approach to prevention…I believe it should include self-acceptance encouraged by others but primarily regardless of others. Of course, along with many other more medical/clinical stuff…but, self acceptance might actually matter.

    Thanks for getting me thinking.

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