Sunday Morning (38 sec)

Bison at the American Prairie Reserve in northeastern Montana.

For international viewers, find link to video here: CBS Sunday Morning, Nature: Bison



  1. It’s wonderful to see them, unless you’re a farmer in the area and they’ve just walked through your fences and your crops.

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  2. Been there with my son who lives in Missoula. So many gifts in Montana

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  3. Looks like a good life to me. Sign me up, Scotty.

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  4. This year we didn’t make it to Montana, to our disappointment …we were there twice last year, we also were in Wyoming and North Dakota…we drove, employed heated seats and then later in the year the need for air conditioned relief…that is how the prairie wind sounds,reverberating, the expansive vista of beauty forever in my minds eye and the mighty buffalo roam, as it should be…(I love going to theses National Parks: Yellowstone (MT, WY & ID) and Theodore Roosevelt in Western North Dakota watching the Buffalo, in Amazement…

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  5. and of course in Grand Teton Nat. Park 🙂 we like to go to Glacier and The Bob Marshall Wilderness area to enjoy the scenery and Mountain Goats, I stay away from the Grizzlies…

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  6. Adoration, David. ❤ ❤ Cher xo

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  7. So kind of you to save me the trouble of finding a link we “outsiders” can watch 😉
    When I crossed Canada by car eons ago, we ended up in Manitoba and saw herds of them. Sooo fantastic.

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  8. such a calm and beautiful way to wake up and spend a morning just in awe of them

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  9. christinesat says:

    Chill out on Sunday morning. Looks like it’s going to be a veeeery relaxed day.

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  10. Great…
    What about visiting my blog? 🙂
    Ciao from Italy!

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  11. Such majestic creatures! And to think they used to roam the prairies by the tens of thousands. Sigh….

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