Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call (Got Milk?)

Photographers Tomas Januska and Edvardas Poska gave the Ice Bucket Challenge phenomena a close look, with their recent series, Impact. The project involved pouring milk onto people during the photo shoot, capturing their reactions at the exact moment of impact.  “We managed to shoot a series of shoots with each person. Around maybe, 70-100 frames with everyone…no the models didn’t complain, but were excited and curious about our cause, and why we were doing this…(via thepluspaper.com).


  1. Awesome…got coffee?

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  2. even that, may not wake up some of our deep sleepers. maybe add in some cereal? cool photo project –

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  3. Amazing! Hope it’s Soy milk ha 🐄

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  4. Kinda ‘in your face’ for the first day back from a nice break, don’t ya think, pal? 😉😀

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  5. WOW!! Talk about a wake-up call. ☺☺☺

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