1. Follow the leader day (tho these words unsettle me right now)

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  2. Ok, at first glance I thought the depression in the middle was a navel. Weird morning Rorschach test. Administering more coffee….

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  3. tendersoulblog says:

    Between the Devil and the Deep Sea :p

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  4. i thought it was a body part too when first looking at it. i’d say, ‘find your balance day.’

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  5. lovely thank you!!


  6. Mini camels traveling over marshmallow…

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    CALEB … found you early in the morning!!

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  8. Gorgeous–but how can it be Wednesday already? It is as if my life is flashing before me…

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  9. OMG This has got to be the most amazing picture of all.

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  10. They are going over the rise (hump) and they have such a looong way to go along the ridge…taking much energy…& such a fabulous photo ( I keep thinking about traversing sand dunes, one step forward, slip back and repeat…trudging…this is written by a women who is ill and so is my family, we are miserable…

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  11. …and like shifting sand it is our perspective that helps to moves us along…in a negative or positive direction…unknown from one moment to another moment, the experiences, flow…

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  12. roseanne333 says:

    I don’t know where you find these. I just know I love the GWDII photos.

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  13. Watch your step boys!

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