There’s only one thing, one constant thing that I believe keeps me moving closer to my goals, and keeps me fixed on what I want to do. It’s got nothing to do with being close to the universe or attracting things to me with positive energy.

My secret weapon is that I read.

Running a business, being a writer, living a full life — these things depend on the knowledge that we can gain and use. What we call following our gut, is really us being subconsciously guided by every piece of information we’ve ever consumed, shaping our instincts and ideas and forming us.

I read constantly, throughout every single day. I read obsessively, consuming new books and revisiting old at an alarming rate…I read books on my iPhone when I’m on the treadmill at the gym, every morning…I read books about business, and startups, and entrepreneurship …I read books about dragons and wizards and ancient spells, and I read books where there are worlds full of fantastic creatures and heroes, and I read books where there are sacrifices and victories and where good people mourn their lovers…I read books about musketeers, and lamp posts in the woods, and the dangerous business of going out your front door. I read books about boarding schools and battlefields and a bridge to Terabithia…I read about economic theory…I read new books, to find new characters and ideas, and old books because there’s always a detail I missed or a theme that I’ve forgotten, no matter how many times I’ve gone over them. […]

So here’s my advice. If you want to accomplish anything of value, challenge yourself to read…If you don’t read, you won’t gain the information and the insight and the inspiration that you need to make the right calls, at the right time. You won’t learn to see beyond the shit that you have to deal with, every day.

I think people want to believe that there’s a secret, to what I do. When they ask me for advice, it’s as if they think I’ve hidden away a key, that can unlock writing and business and make everything happen the way I want it. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I believe that my habit of reading is what’s made the difference in my life, and I think it’s incredibly important.

Make reading a good book a part of what you do. If you’re the busiest person on earth, just give yourself 15 minutes a day.

Jon Westenberg, excerpts from Here’s My Secret Weapon


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  1. Yes! There are other arrows in the quiver, I think – but this? This arrow is so powerful.

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  2. YES, YES, YES! As Mimi said, many contributing factors, but reading is critical. Reading is my catnip…can never get enough. My two young nieces are avid readers and it makes my heart sing…

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  3. I’m with the girls, reading is a gift, I love it and it opens our minds to expand and grow, but understanding the wisdom between the lines there’s more to that! 😎

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  4. yes-

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  5. reading is my breathing–my meditation–sometimes my reason for being….

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  6. Thank you! Carrie DeSalvo 

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  7. Vera kanigan says:

    Absolutely agree! Love the post! Love all of your posts!❤️

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  8. Jon Westenberg, wise, like: My dear grandmother, who lived with us for about three years when I was a girl, teaching us much…she would observe us going about our day, sometimes she would pause and say, now if you just did that for 10 minutes every day! (you’d see results) When she moved, she was only four away by sidewalk Way less if you walked through a cornor of a big park, then cut across to the play park, past the Art and Craft building (what an enchanting piece of architecture) and dead center was the door to her building…we visited often and she in turn…we loved her neighbors, the very formal, prim and proper, maiden, elderly sisters…They did everything with such grace and care…/// I once read that if you read a book a week on a topic of interest that in one years time you would be the worlds expert on that topic! /// When I was in fourth grade my female teacher challenged us in a peer reading challenge…Each time we read a book, we would write the name, author and date completed, along with our name…on a cut out of a dragon which the reader would color in…the she would tape them around the perimeter of the class room near the ceiling…then on the end date she took them down and told us who had read the most books…I came in second place at 48 books… I had such an enjoyable time reading and learning and being second place was an accomplishment…though a disappointing loss for me, at the moment. I gained from losing.

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  9. four “blocks” away

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  10. great post, of course! So were you much of a reader growing up?
    as a child I’d go to the library to pick out historical biographies and autobiographies…. and the odd horse novel, for balance.

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  11. Okay … I get a feeling this guy is obsessive and using reading to escape from facing life and living fully in the real world. Or else he is trying to connect with others like himself to sell them something … for example, his book?
    Oops – Did I say that out loud?…

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  12. Sounds like something YOU would say/write, David….

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  13. Wisdom. I bet I know why this resonated for you, David, the reader…

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  14. What’s the best environment to read in? I find that i get easily distracted whenever i try to read any sort of fiction… very rarely.

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  15. I’m 100% wtih you on this one, sometimes I need to take a break beacause of the “flood” od ideas born out of reading and hype of enthusiasm. 🙂

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